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Reaching our Young, from the Inside out, is a program created to save our youth, from continuing the cycle that feeds the criminal injustice system. Most of todays youths’ is influenced by the false Idols that’s worshipped in main stream media; Money, Cars, clothes, and jewellery; Power and respect from these materials. Reaching our young men want to connect with the youth and show them how these things are nothing but material and the power and respect only last as long as they have them. Being that most of the men on death-row came from the same environment that these youth’s grew up in. It will be fairly easy to reach them if their ear is obtained. Most youth look up to the men in the hood due to other status, and being we are on death row came from those same hoods we can impact those youths thinking and change the mindset, we helped create directly and  indirectly.


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