Poster Child by James Broadnax Texas Death Row

An Airbrushing

A sketch maybe’

A painting upon a spoiled and deceased canvas.

Am I allowed to say I’m part of a walking billboard for what’s despised in this country and it’s inflated communities? Even if I don’t reiterate my thoughts and speak from which my heart manipulated the mental essence of my very being, I’ll still be oppressed against! Nothings hidden, and though it’s a struggle within darkness, the clues and facts are in plain Jane view. It can be the hue of me can it? Just as those before me,, and those before them, I’m a mug shot of a seed dropper I never met. The bad seed forms next. Blessed of a curse, dirty and rehearsed, so the ghetto slum became a young brothers turf. Proper preparation prevent poor performance, but a thoroughbred menace to the systems education I was no need for it, is what the officials quote anyway. Oh let them be stagnate and vary like drugs in the alley”

Im swinging

My insides have been bleeding since a near death birth. Arkansas raised but the slight breeze of the Montgomery spring and summer nights continuously stabs goshes into my soul. Set aflame by my masked captors. Beat relentlessly until generations before me turn, roll, flop and beg for mercy under a dirt mound unmarked grave! Damn… and yet, most of us were and are so fucking brave Refusing to comply and behave to what they shame and blame us as. Yeah, that same billboard will forever be my pass. Remember and recognize it for what it is when you set eyes upon it. Acknowledge the presence of it, because even if time froze, disappeared, or put you through what we’ve struggled against the fact will still remain. Frame it, I am that poster child, and i’ll continue to publish and market our STRUGGLE and PRO-GRESS. Unless, from the start, I was useless and they kill me as a witness….

I’m still Struggling.


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James Broadnax 999549
Polunsky Unit. D/row
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