No Future No Past Prt 2 2012 written by Texas Deathrow Inmate Christopher Young

NO Future No Past Part 2 2012

I was raped on my first day in prison

and nobody heard me scream

tears ran down my eyes

as my cellie did his thing

I cried and begged for him to stop

I even yelled the guards name

and no matter how loud I yelled

Not one guard came.

Its a shame I gotta live this way

I’ve never been in jail

I just wanted to help my baby sister

and the state sent me to hell

I don’t get bothered anymore

but that didn’t come easy

A few months later, I had to kill my cellie

just so people could leave me alone

I just wanna go home

gone from this existence

I’ve throught of suicide

but I have an resistance

and thats the twinkle of my eye

my baby sister

Oh how I miss her

and wish her

a happy Birthday

I’m now 21 years old

and 4 years ago I was sentenced to life

i’ve got no future

have no past

A child in prison

that might not last

(c) by Christopher Young 2012