State of Emergency ( Our Youth and Gangs)

State of Emergency

After 7 years of being hidden away in the dungeons of death row, I’m now back in the county Jail for a hearing on my case.

I’m in a total state of shock, sadness, and disappointment, Not because of how the case turned out. I’m disappointed and sad because of the state of our youth today.

I’ve been here 3 weeks now and I’ve met numerous 17 year old kids that’s incarcerated in an adult jail on felony charges that its pitiful. Every one of them is or claims to be a Gang member., I’ve talked to all of them and have yet to find one, that could tell me why they’re a member, how they’ve become a member or any history of the gang they’re representing.


The State Youth commission also known as Children’s prison, seems to have been created to feed the Adult correction facilities and why Not? It’s all a business. The hand has to feed the mouth.

The youth commissions is where these kids have become gang members.

I ask myself why do these kids want to be gang members? As much as I hate to admit it I ‘have’ to blame this new hip hop culture. The Snoop Doggs, the Lil Waynes, the Waka Flicka’s etc has made it cool to be Bloods and Crips.

Now kids are plodding around with Red and Blue bandannas and clothing without knowing why they’re doing it. This style of clothing turns then into targets by law enforcement, targets from rival gang members, and towards the life of crime, Why all because its cool now.

One thing I’ve learned is we’re not going to turn them away from gangbanging. The thing we need to do is teach them the history of these gangs. Educate then on how these gangs were created to build the community through leadership, Education and protection from crime, not destroying our communities by shooting guns, committing crimes against our elderly, and loading our kids into continuing the vicious cycle of our criminal injustice system.

These gangs were created in the mixed image of the Black Panther Party and Martin Luther King Peace and prosperity movement. I don’t think nor feel that any of these hip hop artists will Rap about any of that.

It’s program like Reaching Our Young, that can help combat this mindset with the help of the community’s involvement with this program we can educate the youth before its too late.

Our youth is in a State of Emergency and it’s our job to save them.

Lets help save our youth, by REACHING OUR YOUNG.

By Christopher Young, A Texas Death Row Inmate

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