From a Prisoner in Pelican Bay California

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          I trust as your reading these words they find you at your best.  My Name is Jose Amaya  AG-5165  currently at Pelican Bay State Prison SHU (security housing unit) Crescent City, California  95531.  Thank you for your time and attention. I understand time is essential in the free world, so I’ll try to keep it brief enough to share with you these struggles and can perhaps encourage you to share them with your friends and them with their friends. So the lives that might be lost in this peaceful but extremely parcial hunger strike (again) won’t  go unnoticed.

          For those that are new to this protest allow me to shed some light to the nature for what we are putting our lives on the line and what we are trying to accomplish which is ultimately ending the torture of solitary confinement,. Conditions that are extraordinarily harsh, unfair and un constitutional.

          There are prisoners that have spent years even decades in solitary confinement which has an incredibly adverse impact on the prisoners physical health and mental health. This SHU was built to shatter dreams and even our spirit, resulting in a wide variety of mental disorder/in deterioration of  our physical health.

          Therefore we are forced for the 3rd time to risk our lives in an attempt to ending the torture of solitary confinement which is mentally destabilizing leaving permanent psychological scars, making it difficult to reintegrate into Human (even prison) Society.

          For all these above and much more, I whole heartily seek to draw attention to this harsh inhumane conditions, as I feel the public has a right to know more about our conditions inside these torture chambers called “SHU”. We beseech all support and prayers , for it is going to be very hard to willingly go with out any nourishments. But keep in mind that this is the only method to do it peacefully, even if some of us may Die in the process.


In Solidarity

Jose A. Amaya AG-5165

P.B.S.P SHU  D-9  #214

p.o Box 7500

Crescent City

Cal  95531



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