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Statement of Injustice (Jeffrey Braun)


Jeffrey Braun Bio

Jeffrey Braun???????????????? Who is he??

Well from reading the transcripts of his case he is portrayed to be the worst of the worst and you would be correct in thinking that because back in his drug fuelled days he was.

But he could also be me, you or your son/daughter or loved one, it all has the same ending he suffered a huge miscarriage of Justice, an injustice that I need your help to correct.

Jeff and lets not sugar coat anything was not a very nice man to know, he was a self confessed drug addict who would have thought nothing of robbing you for a few grams of crack or whatever his drug of choice was on that particular night, he was man who thought nothing of going from woman to woman to satisfy his sexual needs.

But before he became this person he was a son a father a brother and a man who has suffered tragic loss in his life, like loosing his two children one to a heart defect and one tragically to a drunk driver.

Jeffrey was not born bad, no one is what makes us bad or make less than rational choices is our surroundings and when he was growing up in Cleveland, Ohio there was a decline in the infrastructure be it housing or employment even education.

So what was a young man who lacked guidance to do? Except reach for the “Family of the Street” hence the introduction to drugs and stealing and basically robbing to survive.

You can look at this and say “well I never did anything like that” and more power to you for not going down the same path of destruction as Jeffrey Braun, some of us are weaker than others and at that time Jeffrey was the weaker.

Jeffrey had spent his formative years in a variety of correctional facilities but mainly for petty crime nothing as serious as the crime he now stands accused of.

I have gotten to know Jeff Braun rather well over the past weeks and have read his case files and quite frankly I am incensed over his harsh treatment and sentence, granted he had to serve some time for previous bad acts but over the course of these weeks I can say hand on heart he is not a killer and being an addict or a thief does not a killer make.

He is most gentlest caring and kind person I have ever encountered in a long time and I can hear you all now “Well they all find GOD” when there is nothing else to turn to but Jeff is not proclaiming to be deeply religious he knows he has done wrong and is trying to make amends but a LIFE SENTENCE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE…………..I cannot stand nor should you.

Especially when he got handed down this sentence on the word of a self confessed LIAR who took the stand to recant his lie a lie which he told because he was heroin sick and thought by pointing the finger at Jeff he could have been given some heroin or a sweetheart deal like a less harsh sentence.

Well it worked he only got a 21 year sentence, so he still has a chance of a life whereas Jeff has no chance.

This was a grave injustice that Jeffrey suffered all you have to do is look around you at the state-wide corruption and farcical laws in place all over the U.S.A.

As human beings we should / need to do as much as we can to make these wrongs right so let’s start with Jeffrey Braun.

Don’t take my word please read his trial transcripts, if you have any questions you need to ask there is a contact address on his page all I would ask if you do contact him via the J-pay source you check the box to send a reply stamp or failing that you can email me at the address below………… and I like Jeffrey will answer all your questions or pass then to Jeff for clarification.

Please feel free to comment all comments will be taken on board, as constructive criticism is better than nothing at all.

I want to make a difference in life and finding justice for this man is the best I can think off, WHAT WILL YOU DO TODAY????