Last Statements 2010 Texas

Kenneth Mosley 99243 Executed 7th January 2010

This offender declined to make a last statement.

Gary Johnson 000911 Executed 12th January 2010

Tell my family goodbye. I can’t see them. Jenny, you keep your promise to me, O.K.? Dell, you take care of Gaylene always. Dixie watch over all the kids. Tell them thank you for coming down. Jennie talk to them O.K.? Talk to Jennie, O.K. Dell. Dell you tell the rest of them what they did was wrong for letting me fall for what they did. I never done anything in my life to anybody.

Michael Sigala 999397 Executed 2nd March 2010

Yes sir, I would like to ask forgiveness of the family. I have no reason for why I did it, I don’t understand why I did it. I hope that you can live the rest of your lives without hate. I pray the Lord grant me forgiveness. All powerful and almighty Lord I commit myself to thee, Amen.

Joshua Maxwell 999408 Executed 11th March 2010

I do, I want to address you, I am sorry. I don’t know who you are. I am sorry I put you through some things that I can’t take back. I am sorry. This isn’t going to change anything. Sorry for putting you through this. This is creating more victims. I am sorry, I put you through this. I love you man, I love you. This is not gonna change anything. This person shoe did that 10 years ago isn’t the same person you see today. I hurt a lot of people with decisions I made. I can’t be more sorry than I am right now. I hurt the Lopes family, let this be a lesson. Your decisions affect everybody. Look after your sister for me. I am always gonna be with you. I love you too Shay I love you if your listening I am sorry to be putting everybody through this. This is the end of this, time to move on. I hope this brings you peace, I am sorry. I told your sister my last words. Danielle, you know that I love you. You know that you have my heart, I’ve enjoyed these times. I love you little hef.

Franklin Alix 999286 Executed 30th March 2010

Yes I do, I would like to thank my family for their support, love and understanding. I would like to point out some things, I got your letter. It touched me and changed me. What happened was I been wanting to apologize to yall for your son. They told me not to do it in court. I wrote him a letter but they told me that they tore it up in court. I am not the monster they made me out to be. I made lots of mistakes that took your son. I’ll take it to the grave, I will be at peace. You have test and drug results to show it. I am not just taking. I messed up, made poor choices. No rapes, I don’t do drugs, I am not an alcoholic. Back to my family, Thank yall for being here. It is what it is. I got peace in my heart. Thank you. Bye bye yall. Bye bye peanut.

William Berkley 999422 Executed 22nd April 2010

Samantha, I love you with all my heart and soul. Cori, thanks for everything, make sure my princess is all right. Death before dishonor. Cori, I think you should continue with criminal law. It’s your decision; they need lawyers out there that will fight. Death before dishonor. Warden let her rip. Thank you for coming Irene.

Samuel Bustamante 999380 Executed 27th April 2010

This offender declined to make a last statement.

Kevin Varga 999368 Executed 12th May 2010

I am going to start with the victim’s family. I know I took someone very precious to you. Myself and Mr. Galloway who you will see tomorrow. Please forgive me. God has given me peace. I love each and every one of you. You have to forgive me for you to gain the kingdom of Heaven. I wish what was torn from you was not. I do know how it feels to have lost loved ones. This was the only way God could save me; I would pay it back a thousand times to bring back your loved ones. I would pay it gladly. I love each and every one of you and hope you can find forgiveness for me. I don’t require your forgiveness, because God has forgiven me. Sorry, I hope you find peace. God’s love is infinite. If you hate me, please give it up. I forgive you and I hope you can forgive me. Mom, you are my strength. Kathy we’ve had some good memories, you are still the monkey. Mom, this is nothing, I am going to go to sleep and wake up with Jesus. This is the only way God could save me. Stefanie, she is my heart, say goodbye to Stefanie. I do not want anybody to mourn my death, celebrate my life. God loves me and God loves you. Mom, you didn’t do anything wrong. Thank you, Warden, Thank you Chaplain, Thank you God, I am ready to go. God please take me home. I am ready Warden. Thank you Jesus. I am going mom.

Billy Galloway 999349 Executed 13th May 2010

If I can go back and change the past I would, there’s nothing I can do. I’m sorry. I love you Adonya. That’s it.

Rogelio Cannady 999245 Executed 19th May 2010

Yes, I do, Victor, Gary Hey bros, I know you can hear me, I can’t hear you. I was in there right now thinking how we grew up… You know how we grew up in the same house. We need to love each other like we use to. Deena, Bob we were raised in the same house, we need to take care of each other and love each other like we use to. Adela I love you, Mijta, I need you to take care of your mom. We need to love each other like we use to. Juana, all the kindness that you showed me. Taking the time to show me the friendship that you did. I can never repay that. Take of yourself OK; you see I am doing good. I am OK. Thank you for showing me that I can be loved again. You showed me a love that I sometimes didn’t deserve. I love you for that. You need to take care of yourself. I am going to be OK; I know where I’ll be. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you , I love you, I love you too bro. Take care of yall. May God have mercy on my soul. I thought it was going to be harder than this. I am ready to go. I am going to sleep now. I can feel it, it’s affecting me now.

John Alba 999027 Executed 25th May 2010

Yes, first I want to tell the victim’s family, Wendy’s family, I am sorry for taking something so precious to you and to my kids. I wish I could take it all back and change it, but I know I can’t. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Please tell Robert and Eric, I love them. I hope they forgive me. To my family, thanks for being beside me, Sabrina, you are a wonderful daughter, I am proud of you. Jr., John, you turned out to be a great young man. Hector, you too. Amy, thank you for always being there. Tell your family I love them. To my family, I appreciate you always standing by me and everything ya’ll have done. Tell, everyone I love them. I’ll be OK. You will too. Remember what asked you. Give my love to the grandchildren. Tell Jake and Mia, Papa Alba loves them. Okay Warden, let’s do it, I love yall. I can taste it already. I am starting to go.

George Jones 999147 Executed 2nd June 2010

Yes, I do, uh at this time I would like to thank my parents who have been my pillar of strength throughout this. To my brothers and sisters and all my family members who have supported me and who have loved me despite my faults and imperfections. I would like to thank Pastor Williams for counseling me and guiding me. As I look to my right and I see the family of Forest Hall. I hope this brings you closure or some type of peace. I hope it helps his family, son and loved ones. This has been a long journey, one of enlightenment. It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning.

David Powell 000612 Executed 15th June 2010

This offender declined to make a last statement.

Michael Perry 999444 Executed 1st July 2010

Yes, I want to start off by saying to everyone know that’s involved in this atrocity that they are all forgiven by me. Mom, I love you…..(crying) I am ready to go Warden. Coming home dad, coming home dad.

Derrick Jackson 999263 Executed 20th July 2010

No last statement.

Peter Cantu 999268 Executed 17th August 2010

No last Statement

Larry Wooten 999268 Executed 21st October 2010

No sir. Warden, Since I don’t have nothing to say, you can go ahead and send me to my Heavenly Father.