Missouri Prepares for December 11, 2013, Execution of Allen Nicklasson

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The forgiveness foundation is a non-profit prison ministry devoted to bringing the word of God to death-row inmates and internet recipients throughout the world.

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Sign the petition: Please grant the requests of California SHU-prisoners in CSP-Corcoran-SHU 4B-1L-C Section and 4B Facility

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I just signed a petition to Connie Gipson, Warden, Michael Stainer, Cherita Wofford, Ombudsman, and Sara Malone, Ombudsman: These requests to the warden are basic, humble and doable, all pertaining to local issues like food, cleaning of the unit,…

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Unarmed Man Shot At By NYPD Has Been Charged With Assault Because Bullets Hit Bystanders

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Glenn Broadnax, a 35-year-old black man from Brooklyn, was unarmed on the night of September 14 when NYPD officers shot at him in the middle of Times Square, striking two bystanders.   Instead…

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Statement of Injustice (Jeffrey Braun)